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Personnel counseling takes place in a "triangle relationship" between the candidate,

customer and recruiting consultant. Each part has its legitimate interests, but only in its

entirety is our success possible. That is why we attach great importance to treating our

candidates as "customers", not as a means to an end. In addition to many current jobs, you

will also find career and application tips. Candidates who want to be professionally advised in their career planning, we offer detailed career coaching, in which we combine our many

years of industry experience with a well-founded personality analysis.

We keep our eyes

open for you.

It is not easy to recognize the special qualities among the large number of headhunters. Thus, allow us to name our strengths:

  • Constares specializes exclusively in the life science industry and, owing to its experienced consultants, can fill positions in precisely-defined working areas. Thus, this is why we can call ourselves Experts.
  • Our consultants have many years of professional experience and specialize in filling certain positions. We don’t do everything - but what we do, we do well.
  • Constares is owner-operated. Thus, we rely on a sustainable, value- and quality-oriented approach.
  • Constares is a German company - we know the local market very well and have deep roots here.






Our Consultants



We are passionate recruiting consultants, but this alone would not make us really good consultants. With the "modern" insights of neuroscience, the ancient Aristotle-based proverb, as well as our personal experience, is confirmed. As the psychologist Anders Ericsson has pointed out in his studies, there are 10,000 hours of exercise and repetition that make a

person in a complex thing really good. We never counted the hours we spent in candidate interviews and with customers. But we are convinced that it is this long-standing experience and daily exercise that has made us better as consultants and is still doing better every day. The good recruitment consultant has not got it in his genes, but has brought it by such longterm exercise to his good level.



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Pharma · Biotechnology · Medical Devices · Diagnostic

As a customer or a candidate, you benefit from our specialization because we know your particular business environment very well. Through our existing network you can achieve a wide range of synergy effects. The experiences of our filled position and search projects are

incorporated to a large extent in new projects. This transfer of experience can only be ensured by our clear industry focus.


We know that quality has a lot to do with specialization - so we like to be your experts in the life science industry.




As a medium-sized and owner-managed company, we offer individual solutions for our customers who are adapted to their specific situation. We are thus active both in the permanent filling of vacancies as well as through the intermediation of experts on a temporary employment or on a freelance basis. We handle complex recruiting projects as well as subprojects. For our customers in the healthcare industry we fill positions in all areas of activity. Our range of services provides a tailor-made solution for the recruitment needs of our customers.


Constares is an industry-specific recruiting company serving the Life Science industry. Our consultants combine more than 50 years of professional experience in the field of human resources consulting,

of which about 30 years are specialized in the life science industry.


From this expert knowledge, we draw on our expertise in filling positions for professionals and executives in all areas that are dedicated to the development and commercialization of drugs or medical devices.


All together we are Constares - The Healthcare Experts.

Healthcare Recruiting Experts







We strive for the highest customer satisfaction and good economic results. As an ownermanaged company, however, we also want to live our values and contribute to our work. Learn more about our value system and its practice.



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You want to keep your eyes open with us?

We would be pleased to discuss with you what we can and should do for you. Please contact us if you are looking for new employees or are interested in a new challenge.

Or simply if you are curious about us.



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Constares is the specialist for filling vacancies in the life science industry.

With this clear focus, we work in the areas of corporate management, clinical research, drug licensing, drug safety, marketing, sales, medical affairs, discovery, preclinical research, quality assurance, commercial positions and human resources.


We take care about a great variety of professions in the Healthcare Industry

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